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Business Properties Available in Austria - Croatia - Hungary - Slovenia.

Looking for a business property in Austria, Croatia, Hungary or Slovenia? Wanting to relocate you and your family? Desperate for a lifestyle change? Searching for a Retirement Business? Planning to take your business into Central Europe? Or looking for major real estate investments?

At Euroburo we have an extensive range of properties to suit all requirements. Our focus is on property in the Tourist and Hospitality industry but we also have a full range of commercial property and specialist equestrian and fishing properties.

Buying a business.

Buying a business in Austria

Buying a business

Buying a business, even in your own country, has to be approached with caution. When buying a business abroad there are a great many things to consider other than the price.

Please remember that we work only with fully registered estate agents in Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia. We also have our own registered estate agency in Bad Ischl, one hour from Salzburg.

We, and our agents, are fully conversant with the laws in each country and the requirements of the authorities and will help you with all aspects of buying a business. For many this will be the largest decision they ever make because it will be a major lifestyle change.

You will need advice to ensure that you get it right, as well as continuing support over the years on many things. We suggest very strongly that you use these professional and local services. Please arrange to talk it all through with us at the outset.

Yes, you can find businesses for sale on the internet if you search hard enough but in our experience those who have done it alone have frequently come unstuck. We have several such businesses currently for re-sale where unwitting buyers believed the soft talk from the agent and then regretted it. So please take our local, professional advice first.

Buying a business - getting it right

Get it right - first time!

N.B. Owners of businesses will usually produce their balance sheets and sensitive information to interested parties after a viewing. They are understandably reluctant to pass on this information until after they have met the potential purchaser. You will also do yourself no favours if you start trying to negotiate directly with vendors and without the involvement of the agent. Our agents will do many things for you and you will need to lean on them during and after a sale. Don't start by upsetting them.

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For rules, regulations, restrictions, renting-out, pension-transfers and other administrative procedures involved in buying property or relocating to Austria, please visit our more general Euroburo-Austria website.

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